Established in Taiwan in 1988, the “BAIS Cultural and Educational Group” has developed various educational brands including BAIS Elite Math, BAIS Creative Robot, BAIS Critical Thinking and Languages, and BAIS aniMath. BAIS Elite Math already conducting courses at dozens of schools in Taiwan. BAIS offers brand franchising opportunities for both domestic and international education centers to be a part of our lifelong, transformative learning community.


BAIS aniMath is committed to providing excellent comprehension training. We believe diverse set of methods that respond to technological advancements will help children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative thinking skills. With our multimedia teaching materials, we’ve created fun and educational platform that is naturally engaging and motivating for children’s active learning.

Game-Based Learning

  • Exclusively developed comprehension training content using digital animation, AR / VR, touch projection and other technologies to create fun learning.
  • Different mathematical stage are presented through animations and games to initiate learning motivation, and deepen their interest in learning.
  • Different game level allows the child to gradually master the ability to use their background knowledge and reviewing the previous lessons.
  • Let the children to learn actively and embrace the process of learning.


With the rise of tablet generation, learning environment is no longer passively restricted to the classroom. BAIS aniMath allow students to adapt their own curriculum and cater for diversified learning needs using mobile phones, tablets, or other devices.

Teaching service

BAIS aniMath provides a complete set of teaching and management services for educational institutions. Developed base on the fundamental operation needs of the education industry, the service content covers cloud-based digital teaching materials, after-school learning platform, and class management system.


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