Suitable targets

  • Children from 4-15 years old
  • Educational centers whose passionate to help students become more confident, having more logical mindset, and improve their math skills.

Targeted group: BAIS aniMath textbooks covers preschool to junior high lessons (children from 4-15 year old)


Nursery comprehension program ➤ 4-6 years old

Offering early childhood education for children to help accelerate their learning. Our engaging lessons use interactive game to introduce your early learners to logical thinking and stimulate their learning enthusiasm.

Elementary school program ➤ 7-12 years old

Designed to effortlessly meet with elementary students’ mathematical standard, concepts will be presented step by step with animated graphics. Understand subjects at school and never falling behind in class! Comprehensive training lessons that improve skill to apply mathematic principle are also available for children who want to improve their math.

Junior high school program ➤ 13-15 years old

Focusing on education for junior high school students, our graphic animation and exercises help children not to only master math principle, but also ensure that the concept can be applied in everyday situation. We help children understand math in everyday and making sense of all the numerical problems life throws at them.

Learning at the golden age

Children’s golden stage of 4 to 13 years old is a huge window of opportunity for learning. We use this crucial period when the brain is most malleable to help children increase their learning ability in the future. Our digital textbooks are animated to help teachers increase student’s comprehension skills and love for learning. Learning chapters can be flexibly arranged to adapt children’s own curriculum and cater for the diversified learning needs of the students.


Teaching plan: Animated graphic lessons to train comprehension habit

With creative learning environment, we focuses on training children’s comprehension habit. Before the child’s 13-year-old brain cells are finalized, the children’s brain cells are constantly stimulated through their learning activities. We are here to promote good thinking skills and activate children’s brain habit of developing their problem solving skills. We start with strong foundation for the early childhood which focus on the cultivation of observational skill and ability to associate. Students will continually progress and be challenged to succeed to build foundation for analytical power and judgment. The last stage is to develop response ability. This will help your child build a strong body of evaluation of evidence, and become better prepared for academic work, and future career.


Question design

BAIS aniMath design tricky questions that is very useful to train children’s problem solving skill. We train children to solve problem by applying simple basic concepts.

Course design

Guide children to effectively observe the key points, train their associating skill, and initiatively asking questions in the interactive lesson. Train children to draw inferences, express their ideas, and be more creative.

Reasoning training

In the animated lesson, various analytical charts, line segments, and graphics are developed to guide children to learn to simplify complex problems. We teach students to make the best analysis solution starting from basic concept and increase the level gradually.

Real live applications training

BAIS aniMath design mathematics topics in daily life situation, so that children’s logical thinking can be applied to make sense of real life problems. We don’t teach children only to calculate numbers, but also train them how to use strategies to solve problems.

Teaching highlights

Digital teaching materials: animated graphic lesson to guiding thinking and understanding

  • BAIS aniMath’s professional teachers and research team design complete systematic teaching content into educational animations. We encourage students to engage in deeper thinking with easy to understand animated graphics.
  • Teachers can follow the animations to improve teaching efficiency and guide students to learn. Increase the interaction between teachers and students with colorful animated illustration to increase the appeal of the lessons.

Comprehension training game: exclusive animated lesson X tablet education game

  • BAIS Future Classrooms offers children different learning spaces. We integrate tablet, TV, PC, interactive board, and AR/VR equipment into learning content to increase effectiveness of learning.
  • Put practical mathematics concepts into lively and interesting game. Let children explore the fun of learning, enhance their independent learning, and allow kids to embrace challenges.
  • Can be applied to all kinds of after school classes, educational institutions, and tutor.

➤Animated graphics to improve comprehension skill.

➤Animations to understand abstract ideas.

➤Highly interactive games allow kids to embrace challenges.

● Math animation

Easy to understand animations combined with daily life scene to explain a mathematical concept.


● Math games

Better understanding of the subject through watching animations and playing games.


Mathematic Active Learning Platform: Enjoy self-learning

Using cloud technology, students have access to numerous mobile learning lessons. Watch the animation course for preview and review for better understanding of the lesson.


【My course】

Animation course with exercise questions for personalized self-learning mode

Based on math’s school curriculum, we use fun way to profide in-depth analysis questions for students to learn problem-solving. Strengthen the individual needs of your students through key concept explanation and practice questions.

Learning features

  • Individualized lesson to satisfy diversified learning needs of the students.
  • Learning anytime, anywhere.
  • Improve learning motivation and develop self-learning

【Evaluation System】

Data analyzer offer evaluations that suggest remediative strategies.

  • Periodic online evaluations; an effective way to reveal the true competency of students.
  • System automatically collects relevant animations and practice questions, strengthens learning weaknesses.


  • Periodic evaluation, analyze learning progress on each stage.
  • Accurately find the learning weakness to focus on the area that needs to be improve. Vast source of teaching materials for professional examination making.

【Academic module】

●Class Curriculum

Teacher use IMA course management system. Plan the curriculum for each class (about 3-4 educative animations).


Students watched animations in the curriculum through “My Course” in the aniMath app. After each animation, “Guided Practice” app is used to develop deeper understanding of the material.

●Supplementary Teaching

Students return to the education center to test the comprehension of the lessons. Understand student’s study progress and to provide individual guidance to help with the learning difficulties.



●Making students as the core value, we train them to master their own learning plan.

●Teacher easily arrange the curriculum and effortlessly solves student’s learning difficulties

●Fun learning to improve self-achievement and efficient learning mode


【aniMath APP Download】



IBC interactive board

  • Education presentation software for interactive learning.
  • Multimedia classroom to increase teaching effectiveness and learning excitement.
圖解法電子白板2 (2)

IPT printing system

Print the textbook according to the number of students and progress of study. Simply pick quality materials from our data base for easy teaching experience.
  • Print the textbook according to the number of students and progress of study. Simply pick quality materials from our data base for easy teaching experience.

➤1. Select unit


➤2.Select teaching online materials for printing

Easy to use.

No program installation directly login from your device.


IMA Course Management System

Easy course management helper

Using course management system, operator can easily manage teaching material and check student’s aniMath learning progress. Understand your student’s ability and personalize their lessons. Easily improve student’s learning efficiency.


Student management

Student data inquiry.




Simple and comprehensible analytics about learning programs that happens inside BAIS aniMath learning environment.



Digital Access Licensing

Licensing for access to the aniMAth Active Learning Platform and digital practice questions.

Easy to use.

No program installation directly login from your device.

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