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Best master franchise for education business


We’re always on the lookout for great business partners to join our nationwide network of master franchise and area developers.

Our franchisees are like-minded and motivated individuals, who have the desire to run their own business helping children to overcome obstacles in math.

Beyond the monetary rewards, the hard work pays off when parents share the significance of your role in helping their child reach their potential.

It is important to us that potential franchisees have the qualities needed for the role – to ensure that working together is the right move for you and us – as we want all our master franchisee to reflect BAIS values and succeed.

We are here to share what you can expect from us, to assist you in making your franchise business a success, and what you need to do to take the next step.

Terms and conditions


Master franchise need to setup and operate the first education center in the region and grants other unit franchisee the right to operate franchise. Master franchise should have no less than 10 franchise units within two years. After opening the sixth unit, the master franchisee will gain 50% of the partnership agreement fee from the unit franchise.

Franchise agreement include additional purchase.



  1. BAIS aniMath 50 students accounts
  2. BAIS aniMath 1-9 Grade one Animation course Management System IP .
  3. Tutorial paper & Teaching Material Printing System.
  4. BAIS aniMath promotion film.
Additional purchase


  1. BAIS aniMath student account, 1IP/ 6 months.
  2. Graphic method of electronic whiteboard teaching system, 1IP/per year.
  3. Logical Thinking training program, 1IP/per year.
  4. Kids cool math program IP,  1IP/per year.
  5. Logical Thinking training Game app each Account (Mobile device) /per year.
Modifying contents to suit the needs of franchisee
  1. To cooperate with local needs, we allow franchisee to modify the terminology and units in the textbook.
  2. Translating the content of the textbook into the local language (including animation dubbing) is accepted.
  3. Expenses required for amendment, translations, and dubbing shall be the responsibility of the agent. The copyright of the translation and dubbing content shall be vested in the ownership of Taiwan BAIS Company. Franchisee shall not keep the backup privately.
  4. BAIS Education will provide the original text file and extend the contract period from three to six months, free of charge.

We believe that we can create a better educational world.

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